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My name is Sarah Goodwin and I am a Michigan based landscape and portrait photographer. My work has been featured by Nikon, Pure Michigan, Detroit Free Press and many other media outlets. My services include offering prints of my work, photography instruction and portrait sessions.  Photography has been a long time hobby that has evolved into a passion and a profession! My photography style leans strongly towards colorful, ethereal, and eclectic! At the top of my favorite places to photograph, are any of the beautiful places along Michigan's beautiful lake shores. You can frequently find me roaming the beaches and lighthouses with my gear, capturing beautiful Michigan sunsets. I also love capturing the night sky, stars as well as capturing the beauty of both rural and urban scapes. I am all over the place! :) 


Prints of my work are available on a variety of mediums (canvas, metal and pro photo print), and I offer a variety of sizes (as large of 30 X 40). Prints can be ordered via my Etsy shop by clicking the link below.


I am also on Instagram and Facebook, where updates and new posts are made daily! Links to my Instagram and Facebook are below:

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